10 Golden Munkles

What is a Munkle?

Munkles are a collection of 10,000 NFTs. They are made of hand drawn Distinctions that form procedurally generated, unique characters.


A Munkle's rarity isn't based on randomness - a Munkle is a mixture of 10 set Distinctions, meaning all Munkles are unique, but their rarity is instantly obvious. No need for confusing rarity tables!

Rarity Tiers

The Rarity Tiers are based on the Munkle's Distinctions. The Gold Tier are the 10 main Munkles with the 4 matching Distinctions. The Ruby Tier have 3 matching distinctions. The Silver Tier have 2 matching Distinctions... BUT some have two sets of matching traits. The Double Silvers!

HODL that Munkle

Holding Munkle NFTs enters holders into future airdrops - including the chance to win special Epic Tier Munkles, exclusive one of a kind merch and other good stuff!

Minting MileStone

  • Chance to mint a Golden Munkle
  • Chance to win $25,000 USDT... TWICE!
  • Exclusive airdrops and rewards for the Munkles Members Club
  • Play to earn in Munkles: Swag Town

On mint you get randomly assigned a Munkle. All Munkles are up for grabs, including the Golden Munkles!



Reveal $SWAG! The only currency that matters in Swag Town...
Airdrop $SWAG token to all Munkles community members.


Prize Giveaway
  • Epic Tier Munkles
  • Rare trait giveaway
  • $25,000 USDT!!!


Begin development of the Munkles Battle Bet Game


Reveal multiplatform Munkles collector game
  • MORE Epic Tier Munkles
  • ANOHTER Rare trait giveaway
  • ANOTHER $25,000 USDT!!!
Launch of our exclusive members store. Members will have the opportunity to customise t-shirts, hoodies and even socks with their Munkle Character.


What are Distinctions?

There are 10 categories (Police, Stoner, McDonalds, Scientist, Clown, Sailor, Cowboy, Gent, Gangster, Pirate) of Munkle. A Munkle has four different attributes (hat, eyes, mouth, body), each one belonging to one of the 10 categories - these are the Distinctions. e.g stoner eyes, police hat, gangster mouth etc.

What about customization?

We will be implementing a system of customization options. These will be a limited edition run of extra attributes that will let you put your own spin on your Munkle, making it even more unique without interfering with the rarity scheme.

Why 10 Categories?

We wanted to create a rarity scheme that was a little different. NFT art built with random traits makes them theoretically limitless! The hard limit of Distinctions is crucial to the future gaming platform we are building. Look at a slot machine - bar, cherry, bell... if there were a million different icons on a slot machine nobody would ever win! Munkles is built from the ground up with gaming in mind - the modular character design based on the limited number of Distinctions makes all of our future gaming projects possible, and immediately shows how rare and collectable each Munkle is. .

What are Epic Tier Munkles?

These Munkles are a bit different. The 10 Golden Munkles have Distinctions shared with other Munkles. The Epic Tier Munkles are entirely unique and super rare - they cannot be minted or bought directly from us. They will be released as an exclusive airdrop or competition prize to lucky Munkles holders.

So is it just the rarity tiers that makes a Munkle valuable?

No! Part of what makes a Munkle awesome is how the Distinctions combine to make a great character, e.g. a police Munkle with a gangster tattoo smoking a joint is definitely a character! Beyond the rarity tiers, what Munkle is more valuable is completely down to the community. Some Munkles are just better than others, and that's the whole point! Our first Munkles game will be a head to head battle where Munkles holders can place a bet in $SWAGS token that they have the best Munkle - a challenger can then take them up on that bet and the community votes on which Munkle is the best. The winner takes the $SWAG and rises up the global ranking table.

Are there other benefits?

You bet your hairy little Munkle there is! As well as gaining membership of the Munkles community, you also get membership to the sub-communities that are linked to your Munkles Distinctions. There is also exclusive merch that is only available to Munkles holders. But that's just the tip of the iceberg! The long term goal is the development of a multi-platform Munkles game, and we want you to be a part of it! The Munkles community will get to contribute their own ideas to the development of the main Munkles game, and will be involved every step of the way. We can't wait to share all of this with you!




  • Design of Munkles characters
  • Early development of play-to-earn game, “Munkles: Swag Town”


  • Launch community infrastructure (Twitter, Telegram, Discord)
  • $htr and Munkles NFT giveaway
  • Golden Munkles NFT reveal
  • Early release of Munkles NFTs



  • Full launch of Munkles NFT
  • Launch $SWAG token, airdrop to all Munkles holders
  • Begin community NFT airdrops of Epic Tier Munkles
  • Reveal “Munkles: Swag Town” game development partners


  • Reveal custom trait matrix
  • 100 custom trait airdrop to lucky Munkles holders
  • Community participates in “Munkles: Swag Town” development


  • Launch exclusive members' merchandise
  • Assemble full game development team

*Roadmap subject to change

Meet the Team

Huzefa Kapasi


George Demetriou

Creative Genius

Dipeche Sharma

Blockchain Lead

Anand Bhandari

dApps Developer